Payroll and Tax.

A simple payroll and tax system that is user-friendly, and gives you everything you need to manage your payroll.  For examples, see the list below.

Payroll & Tax Service

You can check billing balances, as well as other payroll information 24/7.  Managers can view, add and edit employer or employee data at anytime.
Online, paperless processing, with e-pay stub and direct deposit.  And, while processing, you can view real time data and invoices.
Our payroll tracks more than just hours.  For instance, you can track employee benefits, PTO, 401(k), and more.  Managers and business owners have various options to help them with payroll and benefits costs, company-wide or by department.
We withhold and remit all federal, state and local payroll taxes, as well as manage electronic W-2 preparation and delivery.
Enjoy automated time-keeping and scheduling.  Employees can easily clock in and clock out online or download/view schedules and more.
You can integrate your employee expenses, including mileage and other standard expenses into your payroll for easy tracking.
There is an employee platform in which employees can enroll, make changes in direct deposit or make other elections.  Additionally, they can view paystubs and W-2s.  Also, employees can manage time-off.
You can consult our HR library 24/7 for additional payroll help, or to reach out to our in-house consultants for live assistance.

You may have salaried, part-time or full-time employees.  Or, you may need to manage temporary and contract help.  In either case, our flexible payroll and tax system simplifies your payroll, and can be customized to fit your needs.

Utilize as a stand alone service.  Or, easily consolidate with all of your benefits administration or HRIS system.


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