23 03, 2020

Paternity Leaves Done Right


Longer paternity leaves provide a real advantage to families and employers. Researchers (and common sense) agree that paternity leaves are beneficial for the whole family, provide some much-needed time off from work, and give new meaning to the work-life balance.

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9 03, 2020

Signs It Is Time for a Human Resource Information System (HRIS) in Your Organization


Take a quick look at your competitors, and you will find many of them using human resource information systems. There’s a reason why so many organizations today are using an HRIS system. The benefits provided by an HRIS system go beyond the HR department and help the organization as a whole.

If we look at it, a typical HRIS system can help your organization with a wide variety of functions. However, all of these benefits can be best enjoyed when you

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9 03, 2020

Tips for Setting a Dress Code at Work


The 21st Century has come with a drastic shift in workplace dressing. Gone are the days when everyone was expected to wear a suit at work and be dressed formally. With a change in time, workplaces are looking towards advanced casual dressing.

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8 03, 2020

Why Recognition Is Important for your Company Culture


There is nothing that motivates employees more than recognition. Any employee that gives their 100 percent at work would want to be recognized for it and be given justified rewards. Employees usually maintain a social circle at the workplace; they want everyone to know just how hard they have performed and how the company appreciates them.

Lately, many organizations have started celebrating National Employee Recognition Day, but we don’t think it matters. Rather than just celebrating your hard-working employees for one

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8 03, 2020

Is Your Mobile Phone Policy Outdated?


Considering how ubiquitous smartphones are, almost every employee in your organization is expected to bring their devices to work with them every day. Mobile phones are an important part of our daily routine, and it is only justified for us to keep them with us during the day. We can use them to ask a digital assistant any question, make notes, use the calendar or the calculator when needed.

Mobile phones have also changed the way we work. We can always

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8 03, 2020

Tips for Protecting Your Company from ‘Wrongful Termination Lawsuits’


Whether you are running a startup, a small business, or an established multinational company, a wrongful termination lawsuit is something that you dread.

Terminating employees is something that you have to do at some point in time. There will come a time when you will realize that there is no way around terminating a said employee. Regardless of whether you are downsizing or if it is because of downsizing, you would want to terminate the employee in a way that doesn’t

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