The 21st Century has come with a drastic shift in workplace dressing. Gone are the days when everyone was expected to wear a suit at work and be dressed formally. With a change in time, workplaces are looking towards advanced casual dressing.

The trend for casual dressing is currently a hit in workplaces because of how it helps organizations to prepare for diversity and especially for millennials. With diversity in the workplace, setting a formal dress code would require people to step out of their comfort zone. Giving your employees an option to dress up casually would allow them to wear what they are most comfortable in.

With all crosscurrents in consideration, we take a look at 11 of the best tips you can follow for setting a dress code at work.

Define Through Example

Giving broad definitions of how employees are allowed or expected to dress can be a bit vague. For instance, if you want employees to dress casual, try to elaborate on it by giving examples. What is considered casual in another workplace might not really be considered casual in your organization. If khakis and polo shirts are considered casual in your workplace, another company might require people to wear cotton pants under casual.

Acquire clarity in your dress code and tell workers directly what exactly is acceptable dressing.

Respect Individuality

Respect the individual dressing sense of employees and do give them some wiggle space to try that out. Employees are able to best perform when they are in their comfort zone. You can give them just that through relaxed dressing policies. If someone wants to wear hot pants, you should respect their individuality and allow them to express themselves.

Dress Up for Big Clients

Regardless of how relaxed your dress code is, you shouldn’t compromise on one part; dressing up for big clients. It is a norm in most American workplaces that employees should dress up when they are expected to meet big clients. This attire upgrade will help set a good impression for you and would get you the kind of response you expect from the client in question.

Give Guidance to Less-Experienced Workers

If you hire fresh graduates in the workplace, make sure that you guide them kindly with time. There are times when a fresh graduate might consider the office to be their college and will turn up in a t-shirt with explicit content all over it. Such workers shouldn’t be ostracized immediately, but should be kindly guided towards a more acceptable dress code.

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